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Illustration of a person packing their skis in a Beambox container.

Thinking inside the box

Beambox is a storage solution for the iCloud generation. The concept lets Swedish real estate company Castellum utilise their vacant space.


  • Business concept
  • Digital service
  • New revenue stream
  • A new brand


  • Azure
  • .Net Core
  • Asp.Net Core Mvc
  • React
  • Contentful
  • Stripe
Portrait of Johan Lilja.

“Beambox has been, and still is, the most inspiring and varied project I ever worked on. It is a proof that digital transformation isn’t just about building a website. It’s about building a user centric service in a digital world, and shaping your business around that.” Johan Lilja, User Experience Designer, Making Waves Stockholm

“Proof that digital transformation isn’t just about building a website.”


Property companies in Sweden typically have 10-12% vacant space, as tenants move in and out, leaving the properties empty now and again. Could this extra space be used for something? Yes indeed - storage! As traditional storage solutions provide you with nothing but the bare essentials when it comes to service, interaction and flexibility, we had a light bulb moment: we saw an opportunity for a new solution, catering to your needs as a modern consumer and treating you like the unicorn you are.

Various personal items.

Our approach

We wanted to redefine storage, in the same way the digital world has redefined music, photos and documents. By photographing, categorising and storing your belongings, Beambox allows you to keep track of and interact with your stored items through your digital devices - as you do with everything else today. Our Creative Business Studio took that simple idea from conception through to completion, and held before the world the first physical cloud-solution.

Man carrying a purple Beambox container.

The outcome

Beambox has gone from an idea to a working innovation and is now a fully owned subsidiary to Castellum. Beambox offers you a unique overview of what you have in storage, without the dread of leaving your house. You can organise, track and even sell your stored items without the logistical hassle of traditional storage units, nor the tears or hair-pulling that go with it. Reactions from users have been overwhelmingly positive, and this start-up has only taken baby steps on its journey towards changing the storage business and the way we see our belongings.

Access Beambox’s website here

An iPad displaying the content of purple Beambox containers stacked inside a storage space.

Our contribution

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned

  • Experience vision
  • Roadmap
  • Service design
  • Strategy as process
  • Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier

  • Websites
  • Transaction services
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat & voice bots

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New revenue streams

We identify and accelerate new business opportunities

  • Business prototyping
  • Visual proof-of-concepts
  • Business case
  • Topline development maps
  • Funding models
  • Investment proposals

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