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Woman picking out vegetables at a Coop store.

Increasing Coops online market share

As Coops digital partner, Making Waves helps them improve customer loyalty through experiences across digital touch points.


  • Kiosks that are placed in-store at Coop
  • E-commerce solution for their website
  • The corporate website including user portal and supplier portal
  • The Coop Intranet


  • Epi
  • .Net
  • Azure
Portrait of Jeanette Taube.

“Working closely with the people at Coop as their digital partner, we continuously provide their customers with the best digital solutions to enhance the shopping experience.” Jeanette Taube, Web Developer at Making Waves Stockholm

“We continuously provide their customers with the best digital solutions.”


Coop is among the leading supermarket chains in Sweden, boasting the second highest market share in the country for grocery purchases. As Coop’s trusted digital advisor, our main task is to create value and increase Coops market share through improving both physical and digital customer experiences. We provide Coop with strategic advise on how to keep all their different systems up to date and the technology that makes innovation possible.

The shop front of a Coop store in Sweden.

Our approach

From the start, we’ve been committed to creating cross-functional teams that can expand when necessary to suit any scope. Together with Coop, our team looks for opportunities for improvements from both a technical and an innovative standpoint. We provide strategic assistance in updating legacy systems so new ideas can be brought to life, also paving the way for business innovation.

An illustration of the membership kiosk deployed in Coop stores.

The outcome

Coop has always been known for having a strong visual brand. Therefore, we’ve created a digital style guide that makes it easier for developers and designers to put in place key elements of the brand, whether it’s on the web, app, or an in-store kiosk. Most recently, we’ve updated the in-store shopping kiosks and launched the all-sparkly, version 3.0, and we’re currently in the process of moving several key APIs to the Microsoft Azure platform. Going forward, we aim to further integrate technology and customer data, enriching the digital and the physical shopping experience.

A person accessing the website on their iPad while chopping vegetables.

Our contribution

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned

  • Experience vision
  • Roadmap
  • Service design
  • Strategy as process
  • Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier

  • Websites
  • Transaction services
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat & voice bots

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Digital experience platforms

A digital service platform allows us to operate agile, capitalising on ever-growing data volumes

  • Evolving architectures
  • Intelligent engines
  • Data and connectivity
  • Platform engineering
  • People and processes

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