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Solving the climate crisis with DO

DO by Doconomy: A free, easy-to-use mobile banking service that will track your CO2 footprint and allow the consumer to compensate for your impact.


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“Working with Doconomy is extremely complex - we’re designing and building a completely new fintech service from scratch, but also highly enjoyable as the team works so hard to make this an outstanding product. Doconomy turns consumers into everyday climate activists, and we’re here to make that as joyful and simple as possible.” Josephine Li, Client Director, Making Waves Stockholm

“Doconomy turns consumers into everyday climate activists.”


Scientists agree that fossil fuel emissions are the largest contributor of CO2 concentrations since the pre-industrial era. Human activity, no matter on an individual or structural level, is the major cause of global warming.

So how do we tackle the climate change in our daily lives and what could be the most powerful tool to make a difference?

Our approach

Let’s build a service that helps people reduce carbon emissions.

Doconomy wants to enable and encourage behavioral changes and direct capital to incentives a sustainable lifestyle. So, Making Waves collaborated with Doconomy to create and develop DO.

The outcome

DO is a free, easy-to-use mobile banking service that will track your CO2 footprint and allow the consumer to compensate for their impact. It is also the first service launched by Doconomy, a fintech company that offers tools to finance solutions to solve the climate crisis.

DO gives access to a sustainable savings account and the DO credit card helps consumers to understand their CO2 carbon footprint. It is a UN certified climate compensation project, and investment funds that have a positive impact on people and our planet.

Our contribution

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