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Two women discussing in the background, with the book of Norwegian laws in the foreground.

Simplifying Help's legal agreements

Self-service is HELP’s new way to keep their customers on a safe distance away from possible conflicts.


  • .NET MVC Application
  • HTMLviews, JavaScript + CSS
  • Node.js
  • Babel
  • Team City and Octopus
  • React+ Redux
  • React-intl
  • ReduxForms


  • Self-service solution for setting up contracts and agreements
  • Self-service solution for reporting cases
Portrait of Alexandra Lo Cascio.

“More customers opening legal agreements contribute to them having less conflicts, which is of interest to both HELP and their customers.” Alexandra Lo Cascio, Interaction Designer, Making Waves Oslo

“More customers opening legal agreements contribute to them having less conflicts.”


HELP is an insurance company with lawyer assistance as their area of expertise, where homeowner insurance is the most bought product. It’s HELP’s greatest wish to make their solutions digital in order to be there for you 24:7, reach out to young users, and to keep the prices comfortably low by introducing more self-service. In June 2016, they gave us a shout to assist with the digitalization.

A person accessing the Help website on his tablet.

Our approach

We started by developing an advanced prototype from a Norwegian cohabitation agreement, then added a feedback form to the mix, then HELP openly promoted the agreement. About 1000 people filled in the agreement and 700 people were so lovely as to give feedback on how the form worked. This provided us with solid groundwork from which the template for the agreement could grow and thrive, and it was used further as an overarching template for the rest of the agreements. With you as a user in mind, the shaping of agreements required important design decisions to be made, both practical as well as legal. Our team has been sitting together with HELP in their offices all through the collaboration process and, this way, we had access to consultation time with their lawyers whenever we needed their input.

Client meeting with Help in a conference room.

The outcome

We developed Min Side (My Site), where you and other HELP customers can do all sorts of things: get access to your own customer relationship, the opportunity to report new cases, observe the progression for ongoing cases, set up legal agreements and adjust previous agreements. So far, we’ve developed 23 self serviced agreements for HELP in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Those agreements cover your most common needs, like gift certificate, promissory notes, buyer’s agreement, cohabitation agreement, tenancy agreement and will. Now, the agreements and Min Side are HELP’s new superstars when it comes to marketing and sales, and these solutions have played a vital part in winning big contracts.

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Our contribution

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