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Weapons melting down to raw Humanium metal in an open fire.

Humanium creates hope through destructed firearms

The Humanium Initiative is the world’s first supply chain distributing metal from destructed illegal firearms.


  • Business innovation
  • Creative concept
  • World-changing/Making the World A Better Place
Portrait of Johan Pihl.

“This has been an enormously complex project where we’ve been working for several years on trying to solve a real issue. This was never just about drawing attention to how the spread of illegal firearms causes suffering and hinders development in several parts of the world, but rather finding a completely new way for a NGO to make a real difference, long-term, using a disruptive business model.” Johan Pihl, Creative Director, Making Waves Stockholm

“We’ve been working for several years on trying to solve a real issue.”


There are hundreds of millions illegal firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot every minute. Armed violence is a global epidemic that hits developing countries especially hard. The insecurity generated by armed violence runs off with a global cost of $400 billion annually, and it could decrease the GDP growth of an average economy by at least two per cent per year. An innovative approach was needed to break through political obstacles and red tape. This is where we created the glimmer of light that is the Humanium Metal Initiative - the world’s first supply chain distributing metal from destructed firearms.

An AK-47.

Our approach

We initiated the project together with IM - a Swedish development organisation with over 50 years of experience from regions where illegal firearms stand in the way of aid, development and progress. Our main idea was to create a new metal - Humanium - from melting destructed firearms, and the core task was to establish a sustainable infrastructure that meets the production and investment demands of commercial partners. The initiative had to be sanctioned and implemented in full cooperation with governments and local authorities.

Blocks of Humanium metal.

The outcome

As of March 2017, production has been initiated in Guatemala and El Salvador, in cooperation with local governments and authorities, and more countries are joining the list. The estimated yearly output is 50 metric ton of Humanium Metal. Leading Swedish brands have entered partnerships with commitment of using Humanium Metal in their future production.

The initiative has won numerous prestigious awards such as the Innovation Grand Prix at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, as well as a yellow pencil at D&AD. Endorsements have been received by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Hans Blix and other world leaders.

Learn more about the Humanium Initiative on their website.

A mockup for the new Humanium website.

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