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Photo of fajitas with side dishes for the MatPrat project.

Preparing your next favourite dish with the help of Matprat's chatbot

MatPrat’s recipes and inspirational content, with detailed instructions, are now available through a live chatbot.


  • Completed processes for user insight and user testing
  • Designed user dialogue and functionality
  • Developed Norwegian language model and modules for support vector machines
  • Developed a chat-bot able to run on Facebook Messenger
  • Developed a tailored administrative module for editing and training the chat-bot
  • Implemented Elastic Search as the search engine for content in EPiServer and Youtube
  • Configure Kibana to show statistics


  • Elastic Search
  • Rasa NLU and Rasa Core
  • Docker
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Azure
  • Kibana
  • Kubernetes


  • Andreas Schafferer
  • Frode Rennemo
  • Ida Noemi
  • Thomas Walter van Deurs
  • Eirik Stavelin
  • Bjørnar Remme
  • Christine Raybo
  • Terje Nygård
  • Pål Rønning
Portrait of Thomas Walter.

“I have never worked on such an advanced and complex project - both technically and design wise. This has truly been fun!” Thomas Walter van Deurs, Senior Delivery Manager, Making Waves Oslo

“I have never worked on such an advanced and complex project.”


The starting point for the service was to reach users on a new platform with some sort of user interaction and a digital interface through a chatbot. The service was to match content from MatPrat with the ingredients you’ve got on your hands, regardless of them being whatever is hidden in the back of your fridge or the result of shopping on an empty stomach. The goal was also to provide search results for specific recipes and general cooking advice. The service was to use machine learning in order to provide as relevant search results as possible and base itself on its very own Norwegian language model, specifically aimed at food.

A bowl with sweet potatoes, avocado, salad and pomegranate on a table.

Our approach

Working interactively, the project started out as an early technical prototype, to prove that the chosen technical components complement each other in the expected way. Creating a Norwegian language model was considered the most complex element, and this work was started early. We also began an insight stage to get an overview of the users’ needs, premises for the service and to decide which specific concept the service should address. Different samples of the chatbot were defined and regularly presented for the users to try - so our recipe was adjusted along the way.

Matprat's green and offwhite chatbot, Mats, shown floating in a blue room.

The outcome

The service is just out of the oven, but has so far gotten a good reception of more than 650 users on its first day. Users are commenting how well it works and that it presents MatPrat as an innovative stakeholder.

You can connect with Mats here.

A phone lying on a table, displaying a chat with Mats about dinner.

Our contribution

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned

  • Experience vision
  • Roadmap
  • Service design
  • Strategy as process
  • Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier

  • Websites
  • Transaction services
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat & voice bots

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Digital experience platforms

A digital service platform allows us to operate agile, capitalising on ever-growing data volumes

  • Evolving architectures
  • Intelligent engines
  • Data and connectivity
  • Platform engineering
  • People and processes

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