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PT spotting a customer.

Helping Sats' PTs do their job

Personal Trainers (PTs) deserve the glory for 25% of fitness chain SATS’ turnover. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure the PTs have time to shine.


  • Native app for iOS and Android
  • Administration module (web)


  • Prototyping directly in Xcode
  • iOS-app: Xcode and Swift
  • Android-app: React Native
Portrait of Fredrik Paasche.

“We designed the user interface so the PTs could do their job with a minimum of taps on the screen. Working so closely with the actual users of the app was very rewarding for the team, and the continuous feedback during the project ensured that we ended up building the right thing.” Fredrik Paasche, Senior Mobile Developer, Making Waves Oslo

“We designed the user interface so the PTs could do their job with a minimum of taps on the screen.”


SATS is one of the largest chains of fitness centres in Scandinavia. PTs working at SATS used pretty much every method to organize their client business and manage their schedules: pen and paper, email, digital calendars, SMS or phone calls. SATS asked us to develop a tool that gives PTs more time to focus on their main task - namely customers. The service had to be both easy to use and time saving in a fast paced work environment.

Personal trainer sitting in the gym, using the new PT app.

Our approach

We developed the app “PT Booking” as our answer to the PTs’ prayers for a mobile solution. A multidisciplinary team worked closely with personal trainers in Norway, Sweden, and Finland; part of the development process took place right in the heat of the fire, at the fitness centres, face-to-face with personal trainers. We established a beta test group of PTs in Sweden and Norway, and eventually used 200 PTs in the beta version. This gave us continuous feedback and very good insight into the quality, traffic and usage patterns. When the app was launched in November 2016, it was a solid, proven product, already requested by the audience.

Making Waves talking with a SATS PT.

The outcome

The PT app was launched and adopted by all PTs in the Nordic region in November 2016. Back in the days before the app, recording a customer’s session was carried out once per month and took approximately two hours. Now, with PT Booking, it only takes 15 to 20 seconds. SATS employs 1500 PTs, so the launch of the app is currently saving a stunning total of 36,000 hours per year at a Nordic level. The 36,000 hours saved can instead be spent on education, planning of training - and the all-important customer care.

PT Booking can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

A personal trainer using the PT app in the gym.

Our contribution

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned

  • Experience vision
  • Roadmap
  • Service design
  • Strategy as process
  • Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier

  • Websites
  • Transaction services
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat & voice bots

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New revenue streams

We identify and accelerate new business opportunities

  • Business prototyping
  • Visual proof-of-concepts
  • Business case
  • Topline development maps
  • Funding models
  • Investment proposals

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