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Children helped by Save the Children.

Save the Children's iPad-based recruitment tool

Save the Children raises money for children in the areas of Health, Education, Child Protection and Child Rights Governance.


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Portrait of Henrik Bjelland, front-end Developer at Making Waves Oslo.

“By streamlining the sign up process, from fully manual to digital, we helped Redd Barna solve one of their biggest bottlenecks with recruitment. It feels extra rewarding that my work goes to a really good cause.” Henrik Bjelland, Front-end Developer, Making Waves Oslo

“We helped Redd Barna solve one of their biggest bottlenecks.”


Each year, Save the Children Norway spent 2000 hours on processing paper-based registration forms from new givers recruited on the street. This represents time and resources that could be better spent on helping the world’s children. Unfortunately, the paper-based registration process was not just time-consuming, it was also prone to errors. Recognising the need to scrub, polish and bring this process into the bright light of today, we linked arms with Save the Children and reimagined the registration process around a digital iPad-based platform built from the ground - using all modern tools.

A Making Waves designer working on Save the Children's new registration app.

Our approach

The Giver Registration App is a fail-safe, secure, and portable system that assists recruiters in the sales process and provides new givers with a quicker and easier signup experience. It also provides Save the Children management with means of recording and analysing sales performance for insights to make continuous improvements. Applying a lean, user-centred approach, we were able to rapidly prototype, test and iterate on possible solutions. The development team invited stakeholders to sit snugly together around the table in design workshops, and regularly tested recruitment scenarios in full action on the street. The result of this design process was a simple, easy to use solution that helped solve some of the biggest challenges that Save the Children had in their workflow.

Testing the solution with a Save the Children fundraiser employee.

The outcome

By moving to a digital platform, the annual 2000 hours of administration tasks have been cut to 130 hours annually. The loss-rate of new givers has been reduced from 1000 annually, to practically zero, and the organisation now receives a new giver’s first payment 50% sooner. All thanks to the new platform, Save the Children has been enabled to optimise their time and resources to spread their light where it matters the most: generating even more funding for the projects supporting children around the world.

An iPad displaying the solution developed for Save the Children.

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