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We recognise the challenges our society is faced with and will strive to make our work a part of the solution, not the problem. We might not have all the answers yet, but we are confident that we have the right tools, mindset and people to find solutions together with you.

Three people discussing a business proposal, sitting around a table.

We´re on it already

We partner up to solve many different challenges. With Ruter, we’ve worked on making it easy to move through Oslo and Viken with public transport so that people can leave their cars at home. We created FIKS for the Norwegian Football Association, which organises large data sets to help volunteers and football employees get kids moving. With C4IR Ocean, we’ve helped make information about what’s happing in our oceans easily available to those who work towards a healthy and productive ocean. And these are just some of the examples.

As the pace of change in climate, society and businesses increase, the demand for good advisors become more pressing. And so does the need for innovation. We know how to design and make digital services, which is a key component in a change for the better. Our role is to provide direction and find possible paths, even when they are not visible on the map. And what path is more important to take in this day and age than that towards a sustainable future?

Pilot and build sustainable concepts and services

Companies face increased expectations to take responsibility for how their business affects people, society and the environment and work towards a better and more sustainable world.

While this may represent a significant challenge to companies, it also represents a huge opportunity: The first movers will not only gain a competitive advantage. They will also boost their brand value as consumers search for products and services that meet their sustainable standards.

We can help you create services, strategies and concepts that meet these requirements and support your business. Together we build for the future.

Make your products and services circular

A circular economy is required to meet the goals of a sustainable future. Circularity means re-evaluating the way we do business. It is about creating more value with fewer resources and less waste and finding ways to keep products and materials in use for a longer time.

In NoA Ignite, we design for the future. We have a strong track record of designing new digital solutions, services and business models and can help find unique and creative ways to get circular products and services into the economy.

We do this by using familiar design principles and have developed several circular methods that can be applied depending on your companies starting point:

  • Circular workshops – we facilitate and guide you on where to start, tailored to your needs.
  • Partner mapping – we know that partnerships are vital to a circular economy, and we can help you find the right ones.
  • Circular business models – we have created our own framework.
  • Circular service blueprint – zooming in on user needs and zooming out to consider the systemic implications.

Green computing

Digital creations emit carbon too. As a result, we are committed to considering planet impact in our work to minimise the unnecessary carbon output of what we produce and how we run our business. We have just begun our journey ourselves, but we are committed, and we will work with you to share insights and make choices that reduce impact.

Some concrete examples of what we do:

  • We design for clarity and are thoughtful about using images and videos etc. In that way we reduce size.
  • We develop for less carbon – keeping our code clean.
  • We do data-informed design and help clients identify which pages visitors interact with. Pages with low traffic can be removed to reduce size and enhance user experience.
  • We work to reduce service calls as that helps save energy.
  • We advise on green hosting. For us it is important that the data centre is powered by clean energy or 100% offset.

Our main capabilities

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned

  • Experience vision
  • Roadmap
  • Service design
  • Strategy as process
  • Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier

  • Websites
  • Transaction services
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat & voice bots

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Digital experience platforms

A digital service platform allows us to operate agile, capitalising on ever-growing data volumes

  • Evolving architectures
  • Intelligent engines
  • Data and connectivity
  • Platform engineering
  • People and processes

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Engagement and optimisation

We optimise content-driven products that support personalisation and measurable business outcomes

  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • SEO
  • Localised content
  • Analytics & user testing
  • CRO & personalisation

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New revenue streams

We identify and accelerate new business opportunities

  • Business prototyping
  • Visual proof-of-concepts
  • Business case
  • Topline development maps
  • Funding models
  • Investment proposals

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We advise, design and develop sustainable services, business models and concepts.

  • Pilot and build sustainable concepts and services
  • Make your products and services circular
  • Green computing

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